REMS Technology

Examoto provides a full technology stack for the implementation and operation of a REMS.  This includes web, mobile, data, voice, SMS, and chat for public digital environments.  Examoto also provides system interfaces and integration as well as backend operational and administrative systems.  Our systems run securely and at high availability in the cloud.


REMS Development

Examoto is an industry leader in the design, development, deployment and operation of modern REMS solutions.  We achieve this by translating the elements to assure safe use into an innovative design utilizing modern technology that integrates into healthcare provider workflows and the daily lives of patients.


REMS Assessment

Examoto has extensive experience writing REMS Assessment reports providing a broad spectrum of reporting services including the analysis, aggregation, and integration of REMS data from multiple vendors into a cohesive report formatted for submission to the FDA.


REMS Innovation

Examoto is working on several innovations for REMS solutions.  Much of this work is confidential, but it is focused on applying modern technologies and methods to reduce burden and increase safe use conditions for prescription drugs.  Under CDA, we are more than happy to share our initiatives.

Next Steps...

If you have a passion to make prescription drug use safer, a need for an innovative modern REMS, or an idea on which we could collaborate…