About Us


Our Approach

Examoto’ s approach to business is collaborative in nature with a focus on teamwork across our team and yours. We have the requisite processes and SOPs to meet regulatory requirements and quality standards. Examoto is an innovative team and as a team, we operate with a keen eye on accountability, responsibility, and ultimately the creation of value to our client.

Our Story

Examoto is a second-generation company made from the same components as its predecessor. Our leadership team is extremely experienced in all aspects of REMS with an average of over a decade of substantive involvement in the design, deployment, and operation of REMS. Our work and its derivatives are visible in most if not all current REMS programs. We are passionate in our use of innovation to make another significant contribution in the REMS industry by leading the way to modernize REMS programs to enable the safe use of prescription drugs while reducing the burden to patients and healthcare professionals. Examoto accomplishes this by building processes, standards, systems, tools, and methods to reduce the friction caused by REMS in the health care delivery system.

Ultimately, stakeholders will follow the path of least resistance, it is our challenge to make that path the safest path!

Next Steps...

If you have a passion to make prescription drug use safer, a need for an innovative modern REMS, or an idea on which we could collaborate…